About Us


Bab Al Mansour’s heritage and magnificence are created in reflection of its namesake, the Arab world’s most significant historical landmark built in the city of Meknes. Just as the structure has withstood the tests of time by maintaining its original design since its construction during the time of Sultan Moulay Abdullah in 1732; the food at Bab Al Mansour maintains the use of traditional recipes using over 70 organic Morocco sourced ingredients.

Picture perfect, the restaurant is designed in accordance with the highest standards of quality and sophistication. Evoking the beauty of the Islamic arts in both design and decoration, its large doors and décor are designed specifically for the restaurant, crafted by Moroccan artists.

The exquisite dining spot will transport its visitors into 14th century Marinade dynasty royal dining atmosphere influenced by colorful mosaic interior crafted by Moroccan artisans.

Great Ambience & Atmosphere

Bab Al Mansour has ambience. Ambience settings that fits your mood. Our restaurant has soft lighting and peaceful music, it has a pleasant, soothing atmosphere. Your one visit will give you a very unique and different feelings and hope you will visit us again and again.

Traditional Hospitality

Enjoy incredible traditional hospitality in our restaurant with very well trained staff always welcoming you. We are affordable and we delivering lasting experience.

Truly Moroccan Cuisines

Bab Al Mansour offers Moroccan cuisines in UAE. Moroccan cuisine is certainly one of the most diverse and delicious cuisines you can try. It is known for offering one of the finest and most flavorful dishes in the world. The Moroccan Couscous, the Moroccan chicken tagines or Moroccan mint tea, are some of Morocco internationally known and cherished dishes, but there are so many other as delicious and worth your try.